Zipper Bags for Summer Fun

Yay! It’s Friday! Zipper bags can make or break your weekend! How? They can keep shampoo from spilling on your stuff, hold your wet bathing suit, and keep your undies dry and sand-free.   Summertime fun is all about going with the flow, and when you carry a bag with a few essentials you’re ready when that afternoon float trip turns into a weekend on the go.Pack undies along in a ziploc for summer fun on the go! beach towel, straw hat, bag with zipper freezer bag and bathing suit

Use A Real Bag

Use a real bag, not a plastic grocery sack that’s been repurposed. You don’t want to go dumpster diving for your favorite bra and your car keys because someone mistook your stuff for trash. Cough. It happens, ok? Now, you don’t necessarily have to carry a Super Mom Bag with everything including penguins and umbrellas (and hot wheels and slightly used candy), but fun is funner when you’re comfortable. Carrying a bag with clean clothes and soap goes for you guys, too. Women have stronger sniffers, so being clean goes a long way toward your personal popularity, and no, more aftershave doesn’t help. It just makes it worse.

Inside your (real) bag use zipper freezer bags to keep the rest of your stuff from getting ruined by wet bathing suits or spilled shampoo/soap/lotion. They even make them in 2 gallon sizes so you could fit a whole towel in there if you want. Make sure you get your stuff out to dry as soon as you can, so it doesn’t mold. Those black spots don’t ever come out.

Make This Part of Your Go-Bag Strategy

This is also a good way to stay on top of the supplies in your go-bag in the trunk of your car. If you keep a couple of ziplocs with clean undies and extra towels/a sleeping bag in there you’re more likely to be constantly checking your bag so it will stay supplied. Just remember to replace what you use.

So go forth! Have fun like a boss!