Why A Whole Site on Being an Adult?

“Adulting” is the slang term for having to act like a grownup and take care of grownup responsibilities. What do you need to know to be a responsible adult? How do you need to act to be considered an adult? Are you not an adult if you can’t cook, or clean up after yourself? How do we translate working and playing well with others into adulthood? Honestly, come Monday morning most of us don’t want to adult …

When I started really researching the subject at first I had a tough time finding the right keywords to search. Adult skills sent me to how well grown ups do math. Huh? Then when I got down the right keywords and searches, I found good opinions and advice in quite a few places, but got to thinking that some of it sounded really superior. Who likes being talked down to? Not me … Some of the criteria for being considered an adult sounded like prerequisites for sainthood, not just adulthood (not saying that being good is overrated). Other resources I found were entertaining and even hilarious, but adults should be able to use more adjectives than the one that starts with ‘F’ to accurately pass on information.

Why ‘Like a Boss’? A boss is in charge, taking responsibility and leadership. Who better to run your personal business than you? You get the work, and you get the credit for the work. Good deal. When you are an adult, you are always your own boss. You always have the power of yes or no in your life, you are responsible for the choices you make. The key is having good information to base your choices on, and that’s what this site is for. That doesn’t mean that your choices will always be popular with everyone around you, but that’s what it means to be the boss. Respect yourself, and others will respect you too. My goal is to help with that because when you can make an informed decision or do something skillfully jit not only gives you reason to be proud of yourself, but it helps everyone around you as well.

Welcome. Now lets help each other Adult Like a Boss.