Using Wasted Time

My phone lines and internet were down for 2 days, which was nice and quiet, but not very productive. As I waited for the tech to click and mutter his way through multiple screens and tell me whether there actually was a problem (don’t you love that?) I did what I usually do, put him on speakerphone and tidied the office.

Toss the Trash

I start with tossing leftover empty envelopes and sorting through outdated paperwork. I’m a paperwork packrat and office supply ho, I admit it.  Just clear the horizontal spaces. The best way to control the paper monster is to sort the mail as you walk in the door and drop junk mail straight into the garbage or shredder rather than putting it down and figuring you’ll handle it later. You won’t.  It’s amazing how fast the paper beast gets out of control!


Anyway, once that’s done I’ll start wiping down the desk and stuff with a damp rag. If the call goes on forever I’ll knock down cobwebs with a towel over a broom, or a dustcloth around a lambswool duster. Picture frames may also get a quick wipe, and out of date stuff gets pulled from the board.  Sweeping the floor sometimes happens, since it’s a small room with a hardwood floor. If I have to stay closer to the phone because the tech is asking me to do stuff then I go through my pens to see if they still write.A clean desk is a sign that I was on hold for half an hour.

So, this is how I don’t get so frustrated with time spent on hold. I use the time to do what I need to do. I also use the time to chat with the tech. Having done more than my share of customer service, I’ll tell you it’s refreshing to talk to someone nice, and when you’re nice you’re much more likely to get good deals, freebies, and things fixed faster.

As you can see, this tech call went on for a really long time, so my office looks great! Try it, it works.

2 thoughts on “Using Wasted Time”

  1. I would love to see an article about simplyfying/downsizing/getting rid of stuff. I was about to Google tips and tricks for getting rid of stuff and to de-clutter.

    1. For sure! It’s a constant struggle for most of us, I think. I’ve actually been working on that myself, both the article and the stuff! 😉 Look for something later this week, ok?

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