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Save Receipts for your Warranty

How do you prove you own the thing and bought the warranty when it needs a repair? You saved your receipt, but you can’t read it anymore!

Let’s keep that from happening to you.

Shop Trustworthy Stores

Many stores keep track of your purchases, so if you remember where you bought it, you’re golden. Especially membership based stores like Costco. (They’re also known for really good return policies, by the way.) Many stores keep track of you by phone numbers for rewards programs, so it’s really convenient to order parts or matching devices since they know what you already have.

Although sometimes it does get a little creepy how much they know, honestly. Anyway.

Be sure you always register your device with the manufacturer  as well, though.

Take a Picture of Your Whole Receipt

Instead of tearing your hair out and hoping the manufacturer or the store keeps a record of your purchases and will stand behind their products, simply take a picture of it with your phone and archive the picture with a description of the item.  Be sure the entire receipt is shown, including the bar code, and then toss that nasty BPA-laden heat tape in the trash.

Photograph of register receiptBoss-Support | Adult Like a Boss
Photograph your whole receipt, not just the product.

Take a Picture of the Product ID Plate Too

Photograph the model number and serial number plate of the product  as well. Many times they are stinking illegible to the naked eye, but zooming with your phone camera really helps. And don’t you even dare snort and laugh at my poor eyesight. I didn’t eat my carrots when I was your age, so there.

I’ve used this trick quite often when trying to read parts numbers off of old cars. They always put those plates in the worst places, I swear. It’s also a great work-around when you’re dyslexic and struggle with writing parts numbers in the right order. Just show the picture to the parts guy at the store.

Upload a Copy Offsite

Be sure to upload your photographs offsite to your google drive, to a private folder on your Flickr account or some other storage. If you’re ever robbed or your home is destroyed you will be able to prove to the insurance company what you had.

Photograph Model and Serial Numbers for your recordsBoss-Support | Adult Like a Boss


If you’re a lover of hard copy, just run your receipt through the copy machine, and print the photo of the ID plate as well and file them. Tada!

But what about that extended warranty? Is it worth it?

Most of the time no. This time I did it, I figured what the heck, it’s 4 bucks and my last percolator only lasted a year and a half. Seriously. The one I had before that was almost as old as me and was a hand-me-down …. they really don’t make them like they used to.

Don’t pay more than 20% of your purchase price for a warranty, and be sure exactly what it will cover before signing up.


And yes, I perc my coffee. Drip coffee is always luke warm, and bleh. French press is awesome, but too much work at 4 AM. So now you know.