State Farm Insurance Review

Insurance is one of those things that feels like a waste of money until you need it. State Farm is my choice for a reassuring voice on the claims line.

I’ve used State Farm for most of my life. My mother bought coverage with them when she started driving in the 1950s. Like a good neighbor, they’ve always been there. (I just had to, right?) I haven’t had many claims or tickets, so they haven’t been expensive coverage. Their price is midrange, but I have found them to be reliable and they always take time to explain things.

State Farm Insurance StickerState Farm Insurance Company 


If you have poor credit a lot of insurance companies won’t cover you at all, or you’ll pay higher rates. State Farm doesn’t penalize on the basis of credit. A poor credit rating makes you a higher risk and costs you money and opportunities. Pay your bills on time.

Tow Coverage

I have tow coverage through State Farm because of it’s convenience. They don’t require me to call only certain contracted towing companies, I can do business with whoever I want.  Some tow companies require that you pay at the time of service, then you have to turn in a receipt to your agent. Because my local insurance agent pays promptly tow companies don’t hesitate to bill him.  If you’re not sure what tow company to call for help, ask your agent.

I have put in claims on my auto insurance and I have never had any problem whatsoever with the process. They’ve been very flexible in letting me hire whatever repair service I chose. The auto body shop owner told me they never have problems with State Farm, unlike some of the discount insurers.

Combined Coverage

We combine our  auto and homeowner’s insurance and get a discount, and I’ve been very pleased with how prompt they are in filling our claims. A few years back our barn and patio collapsed from a heavy snow. They paid replacement cost for all the things that we lost.  I heard horror stories from some of my neighbors in the same situation and I was very glad to have State Farm.

Because State Farm is a large company they offer a lot of different ‘products’ including renter’s insurance, specialty business insurance, farm insurance, life insurance, loans, investments and educational savings accounts. They even have identity theft insurance! To be honest, I didn’t realize all the things they do until I checked the site map on their website. Mind blowing!

Are You Covered?

Which brings up the question ‘Do you have renter’s insurance’?

It’s cheap, and covers your stuff. Your landlord’s insurance won’t. Imagine your upstairs neighbor leaves his bathtub water running and goes to work, flooding your apartment and turning your entertainment center into a water feature. Oops. Renter’s insurance will take care of it.

No one intends to get into an accident, that’s why they call them accidents. Even the most careful drivers get hit by idiots, and up to 25% of those idiots are uninsured or underinsured. Be sure you’re covered.

Money may be tight, but do business with people you can trust even if it costs you a little more. For me, that’s State Farm.