No Time For Reading? Try Audio Books!

I found a new post on ‘Always Reiding’ by Nicole Reid; ‘How to Read Fast and Ignore People’.  It really struck a chord with me, as I am an obsessive reader. I know how it feels to be looked at like I just said I eat puppies for dinner by people who don’t like reading.

Talking about what I’m reading all the time or speaking in a long line of book reviews and ‘must reads’ is a sure way to find people’s eyes glazing over. I’ve (mostly) learned my lesson. I know I’m doing it too much when I see the quirk of the eyebrow and slight twitch of my husband’s head as he says to one of his friends, sotto voce, ‘She reads a lot’ in much the same tone as you usually hear ‘it’s cancer’ …

That said, it’s harder and harder to make time for reading when you have so much to juggle in everyday life. There are also a lot of people who have difficulty reading for one reason or another. Not only that,  it’s a massive  slow-down in pace from what we’re exposed to every day in the form of flashing lights from LED screens. We’re literally stuffed to the gills with visual fast food.

Try Audio Books!

Reading is slow food. It requires a little more chewing, but it truly is nutrition for the soul. I love that there are so many avenues for reading that we didn’t used to have. You can download audio books from several sources on your smartphone, including youtube! (Who knew?) Not only that, you can find vintage out of print books by searching The Gutenberg Project or even Google Books.

Another benefit to audio books is that you tend to be much more patient in traffic when you’re listening. You also don’t completely waste hours out of your day in the car. I’ve found that books I know I wouldn’t get all the way through in hard copy were really quite good as audio books. A good reader can make all the difference. I’m thinking I am going to add a widget here on the blog to share good books I’ve found or am enjoying. 🙂

Kid’s books are also a great way to keep little kids happy and quiet on a long trip. Some kid’s books are hilarious, like Brendan Frasier’s reading of ‘Dragon Rider’ by Cornelia Funke, or the Hank the Cowdog series of books.  Some of the young adult series are really nicely done as well, like the Lunar Chronicles and the Partials series. I do love some dystopian mayhem. ?

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.--Isaac AsimovBoss-Support | Adult Like a Boss
Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.–Isaac Asimov

Meet People Through Biographies

Here’s something to think about: Every day we follow entertainment news about famous people. We all know people who just about break themselves in half to meet someone famous for just a matter of moments. When you read biographies you don’t just get a brief hi and an autograph (maybe), but hours of one on one time. You get a real conversation, the innermost thoughts and motivations of people you will never have a chance to meet in real life. Read what people like Christopher Reeve (Still Me), Michael J. Fox (Lucky Man), Frederick Forsyth (The Outsider), or Sheryl Sandberg (Lean In) have to say. (Those are all affiliate links, meaning I get a portion of the sale price if you buy. It keeps the lights on.)

You can even download and listen to the Bible in modern English for free online! By reading these types of books you may find yourself encouraged and inspired to reach out for goals you never thought you could reach. For that matter, even fiction reading helps expand your vocabulary, reduces stress, and creates empathy, which helps with relationships.

You tend to reflect the people you associate with. Why not choose to associate with those  who have persevered against great odds or who have something worthwhile to say? If you want to succeed in life choose your friends wisely, including those you meet through the books they’ve written.

Have you read something, fiction or non-fiction, that really spoke to you? Please tell us what you loved about it, we may want to read it too!

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  1. Great blog! I got hooked on audiobooks a few years ago. I couldn’t walk and instead spent hours playing fetch with my dog in the backyard as Douglas Adams told me about life, universes and everything else…cleaning and washing the dishes is also so much more thrilling!

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