Why is the Money Always Gone? Part 1

Budgeting money helps reach goals and dreams.

Zig Ziglar says “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the ‘gotta have it’ scale.”

For sure. We’ll end up talking about it a lot.

Money is limited for most of us, especially when we’re starting out, so how do we choose where it goes? The best thing possible for you to do is to sit down and ask yourself what things are most important to you. Travel? Cars? Food? Pets? Are you a homebody? Do you have a hobby? Is there a charity or volunteer work that is important in your life? In order to truly feel fulfilled, you’re going to need to budget enough money to make room for that thing without going into debt for it as much as possible. Yes. I said the B word. You’re also going to get a good idea at this point of what kind of job you’ll need to have or how much money you’ll need to make to be able to eat, live indoors, and reach your personal goals. Here’s the thing: many people who complain they don’t have enough money really would if they would use what they have wisely. Wisely means getting the most out of what you have.

The Happy Life List

So here’s where to start:  First, make a ‘Happy life list”. When you’re starting out, really brainstorm it. Words on paper don’t cost a dime. Then figure out what these dreams cost in money and time, including maintaining them properly. That may require some research on your part, and while you’re doing that research to see if there are ways that you can have what you want at a better price by learning some DIY, buying things used, or other options. Shop for the best deals. Be realistic about it. Maybe you can’t do it yet and it has to be a long-term goal, but it’s still a goal. You haven’t given up on it unless you want to.

It’s a whole lot easier to stick to a planned budget if you have a clear goal in mind, instead of just living day by day and paycheck to paycheck. Dreams and goals are necessary for all of us. Bosses get what they want, right? That’s because they have goals, and goals are the stair steps we use to make our dreams doable

Next we’ll  we’ll see what you’re spending right now (take a financial inventory), then we’ll talk spending plan (a nicer way of saying the B word).