Microfiber for Cleaning

I am completely hooked on using  microfiber.

Anything that makes cleaning easier is awesome in my book. You’ve probably used microfiber cloths for eyeglasses and camera lens cleaning, and they are amazing, aren’t they? No lint, no scratches, quick and easy. But have you thought about getting microfiber towels for cleaning around your house or car?

Most professional janitorial firms and cleaning businesses are using microfiber, not only because they’re green, but because they do a terrific job in far less time, and time is money. But what do I mean by green?

Microfiber cloths let you use far less chemicals. You can even get mirrors and windows sparkling clean with just water on a damp microfiber cloth, and finish by buffing with a dry one. No streaks, no mess. They absorb spills like you would not believe, as well. They carry a sort of static charge, so they pick up dust beautifully when used dry. Less work, less chemicals … score!

Make cleaning up as easy as possible with microfiber!

How to Care For and Use Microfiber

  • Buy different colors of cloths for different jobs. Use one color for dirty jobs like the base of the toilet, another for windows and sinks.
  • Machine wash your microfiber separately from towels or other cloths so they don’t pick up lint and hair.
  • Never use fabric softener, it coats and fills the fibers, ruining their absorbency
  • Never use bleach
  • Always dry on low heat or air dry, or the fibers will melt together.

When you buy microfiber, buy quality. There are thinner varieties that are not as absorbent and don’t have the fine thread count of the better brands. If you have a good janitorial supply outlet near you, they will usually have what you’re looking for. The Vibrawipe brand carried by Amazon is excellent quality, you may want to try those. (That is an affiliate link that helps support this site,)

When professionals use a product it’s because it’s the easiest and best way available to do a thorough job. The first time I tried microfiber I bought cheap cloths and didn’t know what I was doing, so I was not at all impressed. I hated how they felt, because they caught on the callouses and hangnails on my hands. I still do, so I wear surgical gloves when I clean (which helps the hangnails anyway). The difference in how well good quality microfiber works on windows and shiny objects especially completely sold me. I use it to spot clean upholstery and rugs, as well as things that terry cloths always left streaks on. Give it a shot, I think you’ll like it.