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Do you need a good writer?

A good writer can boost traffic to your site and keep your reader’s attention, creating relationships with potential customers. Why is that important to you and your business? How does it make you money? Let me explain.

An active online presence is not optional anymore.

Let me ask you this:  Who would you feel better about doing business with? Someone with a reputation for customer service and reliability, or the sketchy guy on the corner with an armful of ‘authentic’ watches?
Keeping your website updated with well-written,  useful, and relevant information is the sign on your door saying ‘Open for Business’ instead of ‘Hey, Buddy, wanna buy a watch?’

Customers that come to you for information will come back to you to buy. They know they can trust you to be there tomorrow. You have a relationship now. When you go to a website that was last updated in 1997, do you feel fully comfortable that the owner is reliable and current in their business practices? Me neither.

But you’re busy running your business, right?

Who has time to draft and proofread well-written how-to guides, blog articles, emails or current sales copy? How about personal case studies that put a face on your company, appealing to your customer’s hearts?

That’s where hiring a freelancer to ghostwrite for you comes in.

I am an SEO conscious native English speaker. That means no embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors that reflect badly on your brand. A good writer knows how to get and keep people’s attention.  Clear, concise, and personable writing brings real value to you and your customers.
Need revisions? No problem. The first 3 are free.

Photography and Editing Services

Do you also need quality product photos and graphics?
I am an experienced photographer of over 25 years. I’ve been designing web-friendly fast-loading graphics since before hard drives were 20 gig and the coolest kids had a 31.3 modem on dial-up.
Even today, not everyone has a fast connection.

Don’t lose that audience unnecessarily!  Faster download times keeps customers from wandering away to another, faster site.
My first consultation is free.

Need Product Reviews, Affiliate links or Social Media Coverage?

I welcome offers to write sponsored articles and reviews, just click here to email me your proposal. If you prefer, fill out the private contact form below and we can talk about how to reach your goals within your budget.
Your contact information will be kept totally private and never sold.

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