Hairy Clogs in the Shower

You’re taking a nice long shower … at least until you notice the ever-increasing soapy icky puddle lapping around your feet. The tub isn’t draining!  You have a great big fat hairy clog in the drain turning your shower into a slow-draining nightmare. Eww!

Everybody sheds, and hairballs happen. It’s not just you, or the cat. Normal people shed 50-100 hairs a day. If you’ve been stressed, sick, take certain meds, have a poor diet, inherited tendencies, or just had a baby you may shed so much you even get bald spots. The shampoo and conditioner you use, how often you wash your hair, how often you brush, and what styling options you use can all factor into hair loss or breakage. If you’re worried there’s a problem with your health, the right doctor for this job is a dermatologist. But what can you do to prevent problems with your drain?

I see you judging ... Everyone sheds. Shedding Corgi
Everyone sheds

Avoid Combing in the Shower

Brushing your hair in the shower is really not good for your hair or for your drains. Wet hair is stretchy and tends to break, so brushing or combing it in the shower is very damaging and contributes to split ends. Before you bathe or shower try gently brushing or picking out your hair thoroughly  to get out the loose stuff. That way it doesn’t end up in the tub. It’s easier to sweep up when it’s dry than when it’s wet, helping you keep the bathroom clean as well.

But what about the nasty puddle you’re standing in? Is there something else you can do to prevent expensive plumbing issues?

Install a Hair Catcher

If you live in an older place, look into aftermarket hair catchers for your drains. I found an excellent one I really love on Amazon called the Tubshroom. (This is an affiliate link and I will receive compensation when purchased.) It’s made out of silicone so it’ll last forever. It catches all the hair so you just pull it out every so often and clean it, Every couple of weeks while you’re scrubbing the tub you can check it. A good way to avoid clogging the drain when you give the dog a bath is a bit of steel wool stuffed in there. (You can find it at a home-improvement store by the sandpaper.) Don’t leave steel wool in the drain long-term, as it rusts.

I paid a frightening amount of money to a septic company to pump my tank out and learned the hard way that hair never decomposes, It can gradually build up to the point where your whole sewage system backs up into your tub, your sinks, the toilet … Right about then you really don’t want to be the responsible adult in the house. Shudder… blue water everywhere ….


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  1. Great info. The Tubshroom is just what I need. My daughter has very thick hair and sheds a lot. Thanks!

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