A Lint Screen? What’s a Lint Screen?

You can keep your dryer running safely and efficiently by cleaning the lint screen, saving yourself money and time! How? It’s quick and easy, just read on.

Ok, so every dryer has a lint screen, either on top or just inside the door. It’s designed to catch all the bits of fuzz and cat hair and Kleenex bits that you forgot in your pockets (you know it was you! It couldn’t possibly have been … me …. uh, sorry …) before they get to the heating element or motor where they could start a fire. Put a little garbage can next to your dryer and pull the screen out and wipe it off every time you do a load.

Put the clothes in, check the lint screen, turn the dryer on, you’re done. (Don’t forget to fold the last load while you’re there so they don’t wrinkle!)

What happens if you don’t? First of all you’ll notice it takes for.ev.er. to dry your clothes. Next thing you know, your dryer might quit heating up, making it pretty  much useless. That’s because someone blew its fuses by drying a bunch of fluffy whatevers the dog slept on and it overheated because the lint screen was over-full.

In order for dryers to work they have to be able to breathe. Never fear, you don’t have to go buy a new dryer, but while replacing the fuses isn’t too complex, it is a pain.  The worst thing that can happen, though, is that you could have a house fire from overheating your dryer. Scary thought, but easily preventable.dryer lint screen

Every once in a while, and especially if you’ve just moved into a new place (cause lord knows who lived there before) you may want to run a long dryer brush like this one, down into where your lint screen usually lives. There shouldn’t be any problem with getting close to anything electrical, but unplug the dryer just in case. You may be surprised at how much more lint you drag up out of there.

Check the vent in the back, as well as the vent outside the house when you first move in and whenever you remember after that. Twice a year minimum. Those can get blocked too, or the little louvers can get gummed up and not open anymore,  causing the same problems with your clothes not drying. Your windows might even steam up in your laundry room because the hot moist air isn’t venting. That is really not good for your lungs at all. If that’s happening, check if there are any leaks in the hose, and either tell the landlord or take some pictures and ask some advice at a reputable hardware store. You might just need to tape it or you may need some new vent hose.

So what’s going on if your screen looks perfectly clean but you still think the dryer is taking too long? Don’t turn up the heat to high! You will fry your clothes. Using dryer sheets can build up a waxy residue on your lint filter, and you just need to give it a wash with warm soapy water and a brush. I’d wait till it dries before putting it back in.

Tada, you’re done! Now you can save a little money on electricity, and save a little time because you don’t have to wait for the dryer. 🙂 Win/win! There you go, Adulting Like a Boss!

Want to save a little more time and money on laundry and clothes? That’s up next~ Toodles!