Clutter Domination-Make Things Convenient Using Vertical Space

Do you create storage space where it’s efficient, or are you making things too hard on yourself? Use your walls and unused areas to organize in a way that works for you.

You may not have a lot of stuff, but it could be you need to figure out how to put it where you actually use it. Why make putting things away hard? For example, if you like having your coat by the door, why not install a hook or rack right there on the back of the door rather than feeling guilty you didn’t put it away in the closet,? If you take your shoes off by the door, why not put a shoe rack right there?

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Even Tigger isn’t happy!

Rather than keeping hard copy of all the bills you’ve already paid, why not photograph them or scan and digitize them? No muss, no fuss, and you can keyword tag them so they’re super easy to find!

Are You Using Your Walls?

Hooks and shelving can make all the difference in the world. You’ll not only having enough space to put things, but things will also  be at eye level so that you can enjoy them. You may use an apron if it’s hung up in the kitchen, but if it’s in a drawer you won’t remember to put it on.

It may be you need to buy shelving. I have some vintage tea cups I inherited from my mother. They were in a dark china cupboard in the corner where I couldn’t see them, although I still had to dust them. That was the only time I really looked at them, and it always made me a little sad. They started to feel like a burden.

When I finally found an open shelved china hutch at a garage sale and was able to display my cups it made me so happy! Suddenly, I was getting complements from friends who never knew I had them. They had never seen them inside my stuffy little cupboard. The cups were at eye level, making use of wall space that had never been used before. My cookbooks are also now right where I need them, but away from the steam of the cook stove thanks to my G-sale find. Same amount of stuff, but displayed in a pleasing way.

What About Under Your Bed?

You can get roll-away boxes for under the bed where you can store out-of-season sports equipment, clothes, and extra blankets. That will empty your closet, making room for the things you actually wear. Besides, then there’s no room for monsters under there. 😉

If you have a tough time hanging things up in the closet, is there a reason why? Is it easy to access with plenty of light, or is it a dark little hole that’s hard to reach? Is your laundry hamper right where you undress, or is it inconvenient? Make doing the right thing easy.

Put It Where You Use It

The one thing that you can do is spend some time sitting and looking at your stuff and think about how you use it and where you use it, not just if you use it. Would you use it or enjoy it more if it was somewhere else, or stored in another way?

For instance, in the kitchen the cooking utensils should be close to the stove, where you use them. Glasses should go in the cupboard near the sink, so they’re easy to put away. Make things easy for yourself. Your way of organizing your stuff may be really different than someone else, but it’s your space and your life.  If you’re happy with it, that’s what’s important. I have a friend who stores her silverware next to her dining room table, far far from her sink and dishwasher. It’s super counter-intuitive to me, but makes perfect sense to her. They eat at the table for every meal so it works for her. we never do, so it wouldn’t work for us.

Balance Is The Key

Is something working for you that you can always find or is well-taken-care of? Everyone has something.  If you figure out what’s working you may be on your way to finding a system for everything else. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have something that they do that is highly individual but that works for them, so don’t get down on yourself. There are people who have stacks of stuff everywhere but know precisely where everything is. Other people have tidy looking houses but their drawers, closets, and basements are totally disorganized.

On the other hand, there are the people who follow a strict rule that they get rid of everything they haven’t used in 6 months. Fine. What are they going to do this December when they need long underwear? I have a good friend who is hyper-clean like this, and she shredded the title to one of their vehicles! She didn’t recognize the paperwork as being something they needed. They’d forgotten to transfer the title because it was an off-road vehicle, but thankfully I still had an old copy of the registration in my files, and we were able to file for lost title. My packrat ways saved her bacon, this time…. but I’m not gloating. Really.

Find the balance in what is comfortable for you but that is also leaves you feeling capable and in control. If you use vertical space with shelving and hooks, use unused space, and think in terms of how you like to do things you may find that organizing is easier than you thought.