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Buy A Shredder

Do you want to beat clutter, eliminate identity theft, and possibly improve your credit rating for under $50? Buy a shredder. Read on to see how easy it is to get paper clutter under control once and for all.


Buy a shredder to beat clutter, eliminate identity theft and improve your creditBoss-Support | Adult Like a Boss
Let’s face it, the big challenge to staying organized for many of us is the deluge of paper from junk mail and  flyers that get stuffed into our bills. Next thing you know, the important stuff is buried and there’s just so much on the kitchen table that you can’t keep track of anything. Then you come home to your power being shut off because you misplaced the bill.  So your house is a mess, but at least you can’t see it anymore because it’s dark.
Oh yeah, and now you have a ding on your credit.
You need to buy a shredder.

Picture this instead:

You walk in with your mail, hang up your coat and keys, put your bag down, stop next to the shredder, and open EVERY envelope. Junk credit card offers go straight into the jaws of the shredder. Flyers? Gone.  Tada, none of that on the table to deal with “later”. You might even be able to eat at the table… because there’s nothing on it!
Winner winner chicken dinner!

A Couple Tips 

I shred all the envelopes too, unless I need the address on it. Most of the time I take a quick picture of the address and I’m done. Then I add the picture to that contact in my phone. In the shredder goes the paper.
The unshredded bills go in one stack and then into a file folder, and I check the dates due and the balances and make a note. You may be able to do it in your brain, I need to use a calendar. Right then and there you can schedule them into your billpayer through your bank app so they’ll be on time, depending on how you get paid or whether you’re juggling.
You can add most of your bills into your billpayer so that you don’t even get paper notices anymore, but you do need to be careful not to forget to pay them on time! Schedule a time with yourself to check on that weekly.
If I get a card from a friend, it gets pinned straight up on my memory board or on the fridge to enjoy. Invitations get entered into my calendar and pinned up as well. It’s a really good practice to keep things like that visible, especially on  bad days when you need a reminder that you’re loved.

One and Done

The key is  handling your mail one time, rather than coming back to it later.  So you’re not wasting time organizing and reorganizing junk instead of having a life.
So now you’ve just totally eliminated a stressful pile of junk by doing a responsible adult thing. Yay! It took less than 5 minutes, and it’s super satisfying to feed that machine, am I right??
And you don’t have to look at a mess or spend a whole weekend digging through paper and garbage to clean house!
You can use the shreds in your compost, so it’s not a hassle to get rid of, and you don’t have to worry about identity theft from someone going through your trash.


If you would like to help support this blog, here’s an affiliate link to a really nice shredder on Amazon. I get a small percentage that costs you nothing extra, but only if you buy directly from this link, rather than saving it in your cart for later. Thank you.