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Adult Like a Boss was born out of all the text messages, emails, and phone calls between my kids and I when they moved out on their own.

Funny thing is they’re pretty much the same things I needed to learn when I was 18…. why does the oven smoke when I turn it on? … why aren’t my clothes getting dry? … I made my payment one day late, why does my credit report say I was 30 days late? This smells funny,  is it okay to eat? Why is my car making that noise?

No matter what, getting out on your own is pretty much like jumping into the deep end of an unheated pool, even if you’ve prepared yourself and are a really good dog-paddler.  There’s always those ‘oh crap’ moments and some details you aren’t quite sure of, no matter who you are.

Just don’t let people with rosy memories of their own coolness fool you, they screwed stuff up too.

We know the consequences of mistakes because we made them.

We forgot to open our bills, we worked for sketchy outfits, we ran out of groceries and had apple boxes and cable spools for nightstands.  We came home and found our power shut off.  We messed up our credit. Our cars broke down because we forgot to maintain them, and we ate a ton of ramen and popcorn.

We also pretended everything was fine when our parents asked if we needed help.

Graduates in Cap and Gown

Do Home Ec/Adult Skills Courses Help?

We made all those mistakes despite having the advantage of home ec courses as a requirement in school.

Home ec familiarized us with how a kitchen works and menu planning. Honestly, we learned to cook really weird stuff, though. Bacon and American cheese wrapped around hot dogs? Pound cake? Really? We also learned some things about budgeting and sewing buttons back on, and what a spatula was, but real life stuff?  No.

Now most high schools don’t even offer home ec or any sort of vocational or consumer skills courses at all, weird food or not.

Some kids have been discouraged from “wasting time” on adult skills courses “for pregnant girls and those without academic skills.”  Yeah, that’s what my DIL was told by her high school counselor. The counselor told her that those classes weren’t for students with “real potential”.

Like people with potential never cook their own food?

Last time I looked most of us don’t have ‘staff’ to take care of that stuff. Advanced calculus doesn’t balance a checkbook and an engineering degree doesn’t unplug the drains.

Why Didn’t’ You Learn This Stuff at Home?

Another problem is that most of us came from families where both parents were on the run either getting us to activities or working full time or both. They often did the household chores while we were doing homework, so we didn’t learn as much as we could have… or we just didn’t pay attention because it was boring or we already thought we knew everything important.

Problem is that now you’re surviving on take out and frozen pizzas, and don’t know all this stuff that always just happened  at home. Like clean clothes and changed sheets.

burnt frozen pizzaThe good news is that you can learn this stuff.  It’s ok to not know everything yet. You can become an independent, capable, and reliable adult starting right now.

Your life belongs to you

That’s what Adulting like a Boss is all about. Feeling capable of coping with just about anything.
Tell me what you want to know and how I can help. Just ask.
Thanks for visiting, come on in, kick your shoes off and hang out awhile. Don’t be shy.


If you have any questions,  need clarification or have a story you want to share to inspire others,  email me at boss-support@adultlikeaboss.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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